After waiting far too long, I’m happy to have finally rebooted this blog. The new actually consolidates a few prior efforts:

  • an old version of this site, hosted at Squarespace.
  •, an experiment in daily blogging from 2010
  •, a site where I had published some amateur photography
  •, my consulting and tech writing site

I also have a useful place to post one-off project pages now.

Tech Details

Sticking with the modern web trends, this is now a static site, managed in GitHub, built using Hugo, one of many excellent static site generator frameworks.

There are a ton of places to host such a site. For now, I’ve opted for Render, as they are showing a technical sophistication that goes beyond just static sites, I’ve met and trust the team, they are building on Google Cloud, and have the necessary support I need for custom SSL certs, redirects/rewrites, and CDN behavior.