TV nerds are a fictional breed.

All the nerds, geeks, dweebs, you see portrayed on prime time television are attractive, cute in that promising way that suggests they are merely a makeover (remove the glasses, slip into a fitted sport-coat) and a trip to charm school away from being one of the cool kids. Like they just need a beautiful girl to help woo them out of their shy geeky shell.

Real life nerds (and I speak from experience here) are more annoying than shy, and they typically inspire discomfort and awkwardness around non-nerds. There’s a parallel here with TV hookers, who are always demure girl-next-door beauties, diamonds in the rough ready to be rescued – Pretty Woman style. In real life, this is demonstrably not the case.

If you’re a geek (or a prostitute for that matter) looking to get “rescued” (and no judgement here if you are happy in your skin, more power to you), don’t count on the beautiful girl across from you in american history seeing the “real you” and handing you confidence on a silver platter, any more than the street-walker should count on Richard Gere showing up in a Bentley to restore her rightful place among the New York elite.

If you yearn to be like the TV Nerds, then do it. You have the power, and we’re in a great time in history when the nerds really are taking back the power. Nerds with mass-appeal will go far. Too bad geeks are all too smart to run for president.