Writing your own resume is always an odd undertaking. Even for the most ego-driven among us, there’s a bit of guilt and shame associated with quite so much self-promotion. But that’s what the document is there for! You certainly don’t want to undersell your talents on the one page a potential employer will read before passing a snap judgement.

It’d be neat if everyone had a “resume buddy”. Buddies would write each other’s resumes so there’d be no guilt over the blatant self-promotion. Your flattering buddy would interview you, write your resume, and then give it to you for final editing and sign-off.

This would have to become a cultural shift to really take off, but if it did, I think it’d be an honor to be asked to write someone’s resume. A bit like being asked to be a God-parent, you’re taking responsibility for a small part of your buddy’s life and career. Great resume writers would be in high-demand. Buddies should even give a byline on the resume, credit where credit is due.