Someone should offer a service where you can rent a “judgmental guest”.

This person would come into your home and you’d pay them to tell you all the stuff you should be embarrassed about. All the things that you overlook because you are too comfortable and familiar with your home. The sagging guest-bedroom mattress, the lack of plungers in all the bathrooms, the old couch that doesn’t look anything like how you remember it from 10 years ago, the smell of cat litter in your man-cave, the poorly lit driveway, the lack of hangers in the front-hall closet, etc.

You think you know the list for your house, but you don’t. That’s why you should rent a judgmental guest.

This would work for offices, too. Companies could rent “judgmental business associates” who would point out all the issues with your reception and workplace that are holding you back from inspiring confidence in potential partners and clients.