It’s not a secret that everyone, especially iPhone users, think that AT&T Wireless sucks, and everyone seems to want a Verizon version. Now, I’m certainly no apologist for AT&T, and I live in Boston, where their network is a lot better than New York, San Francisco and some other poorly-served metro areas. But despite all the bitching and moaning, you’ve got to give AT&T some credit.

There are nearly 10MM active iPhones in the U.S. alone by now (6.4MM in April 2009). If you took all those phones plus the associated rich data use and dropped them onto Verizon’s network, I’m pretty sure it’d fall over a lot too. I preferred Verizon’s service years back when I had a Blackberry, but if suddenly I could switch today, I’d probably hold my ground with AT&T and wait to see how things shake out.

Seems like mostly people are just content picking on the big guy for not being big enough. I’ll reserve judgement until I actually see someone put their network where their mouth is.