Optimize for your “load-bearing beams” if you want any solution to stand a chance.

When solving a large, complex problem with many dependencies, details, and options, it’s easy to take for granted that the main tenets of the solution will take care of themselves just by virtue of having worked out all the details.

Don’t make that mistake!

No matter what the problem, whether it’s a subtle social issue, building a large business, forging a new partnership, or training your dog, act like an architect. First, figure out what your load-bearing beams are, and solve your problem around them.

I’ve seen many entrepreneurs starting business that get way down the path before they realize that they just assumed the building would stand on its own. They had been so worried about the details, they forgot to get the basic structure in place that would support future growth and success.

Until you’re convinced that your solution will stand on its own, don’t optimize for the extras.

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