Most modern workers are forced to actively find ways to physically exercise. We don’t get that kind of activity in our day-to-day, cubicle-inhabited, SUV-driving, DiningIn lives.

But what about exercising the traits that make us good not as sport, but at life? They may be the most important secondary “muscle” groups of all. An athlete doesn’t expect to reach the pinnacle of their sport without focused improvement. A football player knows there’s a lot more to exercising than just playing football all day. He works on all the auxiliary skills that help him on the field.

So should the rest of us not count on the myth that simply living life every day will make us better at it. We must strengthen the life-muscles that power our successes. A very short list to start:

  • patience
  • wisdom
  • tolerance
  • compassion
  • leadership
  • cleanliness
  • faith
  • courage
  • hardihood
  • benevolence
  • sexiness
  • chivalry
  • charisma
  • confidence
  • dedication
  • honesty
  • discretion
  • eloquence
  • perseverance
  • thoughtfulness
  • cleverness
  • independence
  • patriotism
  • grace
  • precision
  • selflessness

Which life-muscles have you exercised lately?