Two quick stories of businesses not to be rewarded, but perhaps to be admired.

In Feb. 2009, a burglar in Nottingham, UK, realized that clearing out a whole apartment’s worth of stuff was an awful lot of work. Determined to take a big haul to start his career as a criminal, he got resourceful and hired a professional moving company to move his victim’s belongings into storage until he could get around to auctioning them off. Full story here.

In other news, a virus company known as “Live PC Care” actually pretends to be an anti-virus software developer. They install fake software that pretends to scan your computer, but instead installs malware onto it. As if this weren’t enough, the company actually advertises a 24-hour support live chat system, where customers can get help from a real person. Help installing viruses on your computer. I don’t think the people in the support call centers even know they aren’t working for a real anti-virus company. Amazing!

Gotta credit these two ventures for having something in common…balls. Honestly, why are they better at using creative legal means to advance their illegal businesses than most companies are at advancing their legal business?

Thought Partner: Steve Gibson