I love having things to look forward to. I really honestly can tell you things I’m looking forward to if you stop me on the street.

My theory is that everyone should be able to quote Four Things they are looking forward to, broken down as follows:

  • Something in the next 24 hours, like a trip to the gym, a fun package being delivered, or a drink after work.
  • Something in the next week, like a movie on the couch, finishing a book, or going out for some fine dining.
  • Something in the next month, like going to a concert, enjoying the premier of a new season of your favorite TV show, or spending a weekend with extended family.
  • Something in the next year, like shipping a big product for work, taking a beach vacation, or even the birth of a child.

The world would be a more optimistic and excited place if everyone kept a constant list of Four Things. It’s a great way to keep perspective when doing things that aren’t so exciting.

What are your Four Things?