While we’re on the subject of packaging, food form matters too.

Every culture seems to have their preferred format for packaging up ethnic cuisine.

  • France bakes everything into pastries (ham-and-cheese croissant, anyone?)
  • Mexico (and many others) wraps everything into taco shells and tortillas (mmm…breakfast burrito)
  • America will make a sandwich out of just about everything (egg-and-cheese, hamburger, whoppie-pie)
  • Japan creates beautiful sushi bites, wrapping everything into a rice/seaweed roll (“not just for fish” says the sweet-potato maki)

That last one has even inspired an American Chef to try her hand at sushi, wrapping the class American BLT sushi-style to great effect.

There’s tremendous opportunity to take a queue from these types of food packaging that have demonstrably stood the test of time. Mix-and-match, take inspiration from formats that are crowd-pleasers.