I’m intrigued by the idea of going into a fine restaurant, and dining in reverse. I suspect that you could get a waiter and chef with a sense of humor to play along nicely. It’d go something like this:

  • Sit down, have a cappuccino
  • Nibble a petit four, compliments of the kitchen
  • Enjoy a glass of port with a nice baked dessert, perhaps a cheese plate
  • Consume your entree with a bottle of wine
  • Sip a bowl of soup or eat a hot appetizer
  • Have a salad, fresh bread, and a martini
  • Bite down an amuse-bouche, courtesy of the chef
  • Get introduced to your waiter, select sparkling, still, or tap water
  • Wait 10 extra minutes for your table to be ready
  • Pay the bill and leave

This is going on my list of life experiments to try!