As an amateur photographer and a gadget-geek, I most definitely follow the latest photographic hardware trends.

No major shift since the conversion to digital seems to have quite captured the imaginations of the creative classes like shooting movies through the lens of a DSLR camera. The results are admittedly gorgeous.

But when I see quotes from seasoned pros that this is “the future” of film-making, I have to wonder if they aren’t getting caught up in the hype. It seems like once the fad of this new style wears off, artists are going to figure out how to incorporate it into a more balanced approach to shooting, or else major video camera manufacturers are going to build the optics (and thus the desired resulting look) into their regular lines of cinema cameras.

The trend of mounting absurd amounts of cinematographer’s hardware to a tiny digital camera just to make it a usable film-making device can’t be long for this world.