I feel like cell-towers are ripe for disguise. Apparently there are some instances of this, mostly towers disguised as trees and flag-poles.

But how prevalent is it? Could they disguised towers as a vertical beam in all new office buildings?

How about making a cell-tower like a giant chia-pet, and it was grow grassy fur as it rained?

Why not build all cell-towers into rock-climbing walls, rock-climbers from all over would make weekend treks to a new tower for scaling.

My favorite idea though is to recreate the Hanging Gardens of Babylon by stringing vines and plants across cell-towers and the adjacent buildings. We could create beautiful green oases in the cities with this method. And maintenance is easy, just have the owner of the tower build it into the price that telecom pays to lease space for their cellular radios. Better reception, more available towers, beautiful aesthetic!

I realize that some of these ideas suffer from construction details that would damage the effectiveness of the towers for their primary purpose. But I’m pretty sure we can overcome that with a little engineering ingenuity.

So why haven’t we seen these? Or maybe we have, and I’m just not looking hard enough…