Whom would your desert island companion be?

In your own personal stranded-on-a-desert-island-running-from-smoke-monsters-talking-to-soccer-balls fantasy/nightmare, what one person would you pick to join you for the rest of your life on the island? Just the two of you, in that environment, forever.

You probably have a gut reaction that quickly falls apart when you start to analyze the best traits in such a scenario. I’d want someone who:

  • Could be a real ally in the trials of that survival adventure
  • Was smart and creative enough that I wouldn’t ever get bored conversing with them without the help of external stimulus like news, TV, or people-watching
  • Was physically attractive and with whom I had a spark. No need to give up physical intimacy just because you are stuck in exile for eternity

I also wouldn’t value so many of the skills that I value in companionship in the real world. Things I hold in high-regard now may be useless in another situation.

So whom do you pick?