Geeks embrace the “Changelog”, a detailed list of everything that’s new, updated, or fixed when a new version of a particular software package is released.

Sometimes I want changelogs for life. I might want to know

  • that my favorite restaurant updated a recipe “See What’s New in Shepherd’s Pie v2.1.3”
  • when a member of my household rearranges a shelf “Get a tour of Spice Rack v1.6”
  • that a relationship has evolved “OurRelationship2010(tm) is based less on physical intimacy, more on emotional comfort with a tinge of complacency, features a new groundwork for future illicit affairs, and has gotten a user experience overhaul thanks to my spending less time with you and more time at the gym.”

On second thought, maybe we should just embrace change without scrutinizing it too hard…

Thought Partner: Adam Conrad