As computer interfaces are getting more and more streamlined (see the upcoming Apple iPad by way of example), we still are suffering the problem that typing is a distinctly unintuitive (though learnable) discipline.

Let’s say someday we have brain implants, so we just think about what we want to express and the computer responds. The problem with this technology is that I have to imagine that early versions of this will be less than perfect.

I imagine that we’ll have early brain/keyboard interfaces that essentially allow the computer to “type” whatever we are thinking. But we’d have to either learn to control what we are thinking, or learn to edit down the mess of stuff going through our brains before we let anyone else read our writings.

(Some people claim I just type whatever’s in my head, but I can assure you, it’s even messier in here than it seems!)

Combine this risk of brain-spew with the increasing demand for the real-time-web, and we start to have a real problem. People don’t edit anything any more. They just type and expect the world to see it as it happens. This is going to cause big problems when these brain/keyboard interfaces come along…mark my words!