This is my 100th post on The Daily Thought. I wasn’t sure I’d make it to 10 posts in a row, but all of a sudden here’s the century mark!

So how are we doing on the scorecard:

  • Post a new thought every day, for one year. success, almost 1/3 of the way there
  • Don’t regurgitate other news stories or blogs without adding value. success, I’ve tried to take relevant backing material from the web, but not for the purposes of pure re-syndication.
  • Keep it short. success, I think all my entries have been quite consumable in length, even for this ADD generation.
  • Deliver original thoughts. partial success, I’ll admit that a number of my thoughts have been had before. So they count as original for me, but perhaps not original for you, depending on what circles you travel in, and how much smarter you are than I.
  • Keep it gnerally useful. partial success, with few exceptions, I’ve avoided getting too deep into any one area of expertise. Although I am drawn to deeper topics, they may start to creep in.
  • Learn something new every day. success, in as much as this blog as helped me notice more interesting parts of the world around me, and active learning is always more effective than passive learning.
  • Capture thoughts I expect to be valuable. success, I have already gone back into the blog and reflected on my own thoughts in the past 100 days, I think years from now, it’ll be quite interesting to see if I agree with myself.
  • Share with others. partial failure, this blog has generated near zero commentary. I know there are a few dozen readers out there, but not much more than that.

So to change that last one, I need your help. If you are a regular reader, please contribute back. Leave comments or send me email if a particular daily thought gets you wound up. And retweet the thoughts you find valuable, repost links to your own blogs and feeds. Let’s see if the back 2/3 of this experiment can be more interactive than the first 100 days!

Thanks for reading, here’s to the second hundred.