A new version of this site launched today. The major site changes include:

  • A new look and feel, less clutter, more focused on the photos
  • New 800px wide images, for better appreciation
  • Information about the site, photography resources, and clear copyright information
  • A whole new backend, powered by WordPress that should allow more flexibility in the future

I hope that this redesign gives more emphasis to the photos and less on the “blog”. I apologize to those of you with small monitors, it does require a 1024x768 minimum to really get the impact of the photos, and ideally even larger. If you have feedback, or find things broken or not to your taste in the new design, please let me know! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy, and it’s time to get back to taking photos regularly for me. (Yes, I know some of you myspace.com folks have been using my large images as site backgrounds. If you are going to use images without permission (I’m happy to give it if you ask), at least copy them to your own server, in case I move them around on my end like I did with this redesign. If you get permission from me, you’ll get a high-resolution copy of an image, with instructions for posting it as your background. Thanks!)