Canon 300D , EF 50/1.4 USM + Extension Tube EF25 II , f/22 , 1.3s , ISO 100 , EC+1 , RAW

Another entry for ThemeThursday ; this week’s theme is ring . No newlywed can hear “ring” without thinking of that which is a new symbol of a promising future. My bride gave the suggestion of cropping the rings outside the frame, which I think was a great idea. I like the watercolor feel on this, which makes it somehow timeless, doesn’t focus on the details (and dents/scratches) of the rings, but rather the feeling they impart. Okay, enough hopeless romanticism for this post. Enjoy! Edit: Oops…appears that any significant photoshopping of ThemeThursday images is not allowed, and my link has been taken down. Oh well, live and learn. I don’t think I would’ve done this image any other way.