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    Just An Observer

    I wonder what would happen if I merely observed the world instead of trying so damn hard to participate all the time. How long could I do that without an overwhelming sense of uselessness, pointlessness, embarrassment?

    I suspect I'd fail miserably at such an experiment, and probably in a matter of days. While I believe in being fully engaged in the world around us, I'm not entirely bursting with pride that I couldn't approach life in a different way.



    Recognize when you don't actually need realized potential, but the potential itself will suffice.

    On the flip side of that, don't ever invest in something (a person, a business, an idea) unless you can point to the potential is has to blossom into something much more.


    Like Someone's Watching

    It's been said that one should "dance like no one's watching". By contrast, there are loads of things we should do like someone is watching. Doing your job, driving your car, reprimanding your child. Sometimes it's best to force yourself to imagine that little gnome on your shoulder judging you, because it will make you work smarter, harder, safer, with higher ethics, dedication, and results.


    Taking A Break From Busy

    It's ironic that everyone seems to find the free time to complain about how busy they are.


    The Future of Personal Computing

    I had the opportunity to play with a Google Prototype Cr-48 machine this week. By happenstance, I was introduced to it while I was sitting with my iPad propped up, working on it with a bluetooth keyboard. It quickly became apparent that I was sitting without doubt in front of the future of personal computing.

    Admittedly, the Cr-48's ChromeOS and the iPad's iOS are both toddlers. They are cute, command your attention, and you forgive them for all the things they can't do yet. You don't get mad or impatient, nor do you legitimately try to compare them to "adult" operating system experiences. But make no mistake, those toddlers are going to grow up. It's unclear whether they'll grow up like twins or like Twins "Twins (1988 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"), but grow up they will.

    If you want to experience ChromeOS and don't have access to a Cr-48, just download the Google Chrome browser, run it full-screen mode, and never leave. That's a pretty close approximation. Some of you will say "sure, I live only in the browser already" and others will gasp in horror at the prospect of giving up Adobe CS5, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, iTunes, and your favorite development IDE. My first inclination was to poo-poo ChromeOS, and wonder why people would want a browser environment that can't be exited. Why not just have the browser environment with all the power of a full OS underneath? But I'm increasingly convinced that Google would be fine with that too. ChromeOS is just an excuse to increase the pace of web-based application development. Google doesn't care if you use their OS, or their browser on someone else's OS, as long as your experience is mostly web-based, because on those seas Google divisions are the Armada and the Pirates.

    Under the guidance of Apple's typically glacial but unstoppable taciturn innovation machine, the iPad is taking a decidedly different approach. Rather than the familiar browser ecosystem, the user is dropped into a totally unfamiliar, but uncannily intuitive world of touch-computing. Apple is years ahead in terms of offering a development environment conducive to natural touch computing. Apple is slow to broadly embrace the idea that all these apps will be powered through the cloud using web-based data exchange. But I suspect that will happen either way. What Apple has focused on is creating an experience that changes they way we interact with computers. By comparison, ChromeOS merely repackages the way we interact with computers today.

    No matter what kind of adults these kids become, I couldn't be more excited to be a user, a developer, and an entrepreneur with the backdrop of this kind of change happening!



    I think we'd all agree that just because you are publishing on the internet doesn't mean you're smart.

    But let's not forget that even in this day and age of online ubiquity, there just because you aren't blogging on the internet doesn't mean you aren't smart. There are loads of smart, talented, witty, creative, personable geniuses out there who aren't choosing to contribute to the collective of online content.

    Don't make the mistake of dismissing these intelligent non-bloggers.


    Wealthy Humiliation

    Should we institute a policy of public humiliation for rich people?

    It would work like this: set a ceiling, say $10M, for an individual's net-worth. Once it goes beyond that, the individual can either get rid of some of it, or choose to face public ridicule, forcing us all to decide if the wealth is "worth it".

    In some sense, the super-rich get this kind of pummeling anyway. The amount of money that the rich spend on trying to be "not bothered", getting security systems, personal assistants, fending off cold-calls from salivating private money managers, it's all exhausting.


    Scheduling Badness

    Bad things always seem to happen unexpectedly, and we invariably get all flustered and upset about it.

    What if you schedule them instead? Put all the bad stuff in the calendar. Maybe you have no control over some things, like a death in the family or a kid's broken bone.

    But you could schedule sick-time, getting fired from work, car accidents, locking yourself out of your house, dropping your iPhone in the toilet, a hard drive failure in your computer, etc.

    If you scheduled them all, would you just have more bad things in your life, or would you have all those same issues, but without the unpleasant surprise factor?


    Get Rich Schemes

    There are three ways to make money

    1. as a consultant, where you use your time and direct expertise to create value for customers
    2. as a businessperson, where you hire others to create value for customers on your behalf
    3. as an entertainer, where you create a brand around yourself and your skills that allows others to create value from you

    These days, it seems like too many people are trying to do all three at once, likely a losing proposition.


    Thumb Safety

    It makes Darwinian sense to me that nature would build us in such a way that we're unable to choke on our own thumbs. By keeping them shorter than fingers, you can let babies suck on them with no real risk. I don't actually know that this is true, but it seems reasonable.